Soft Cactus Doll - Naai-instructies jurkje - v1.1

Soft Cactus Doll - Sewing instructions dress - v1.1

Soft Cactus - Logo's

Soft Cactus - Images Collection 01
(Granny's Tiles, Lasting Leaves, Little Daisy, Puzzled Milly, Tender Tulips, Toddler Ivy, Vintage Ferdinand, Whoopsy Daisy, Wicky Pikes)

Soft Cactus - Images Collection 02
(Colored Windows, Indian Fever, Mind the Moose, Seashore Shelly)

Soft Cactus - Images Collection 03
(Covered Meadow, Flowerworks, Folding Boats, Kitchen Garden, Little Wings, Prism Pine, Star Flight, Tree Topping)

Soft Cactus - Images Collection 04
(Inca Sunset, From Bearlin With Love, Rhythm In The Rain, Blowballs, Rabbit Race, Polar Party, Skew Cube, Forest Treasures, Oh Deer)

Soft Cactus - Images Collection 05
(Lightening Lily, Marching Marbles, Mazing Maths, Tickling Toes, We Want Waves, Zebraloha)

See You at Six - Logo's

See You at Six - Images Collection 01
(Arrows, Cracks, Dandelions, Drops, Flowers, Herbs, Lines, Strokes, Triangles)

See You at Six - Images Collection 02
(Bulbs, Fish, Flags, Palms, Grill-M Lawn Coper & Gold, Grill - S Off-White, Arona Lawn, Sauterne Lawn, Tulle Nude, Elastic waistband - Copper Lines & Gold Line, Ribbing)

See You at Six - Images Collection 03
(Grill-M Black, Maple Seeds, Sansevieria, Scribbles, Squirrel, Kale Green Lawn, Clothes Hanger Copper, Ribbing)

See You at Six - ImagesCollection W17
(Grill-S Fog Blue, Blurs, Grill-L Chai Ochre, Milk, Rooster, Tracks, Elastic waistband - 3 Golden Lines & Black-Copper, Solids, Ribbing)

See You at Six - ImagesCollection Sp18
(Artichoke, Herons, Grill-XL, Drips, Ostrich, Screens, Artichoke Lawn, Powder Brown Lawn, Dyna Blue Lawn, 3 Golden Lines & Black-Copper, Solids, Ribbing)

See You at Six - ImagesCollection Su18
(Dots, Giraffe, Grill - 3XL Dyna Blue, Iced Tea, Painted, Waffle, Iced Tea Lawn, Waffle Lawn, Solids, Ribbing)

See You at Six - ImagesCollection Au18
(Adventure, Ducks, Make Some Noise, Rain, Tubas, Wellies, X Marks the Spot, Noice Gabardine Twill, Seeds Gabardine Twill, Shoelaces, Solids, Ribbing)

See You at Six - ImagesCollection W18
(Flower Field, Dotties, Ginkgo, Growing Ideas, Little Stripes, Wide Lines, Flower Field & Duffel Green Gabardine Twill, Shoelaces: Nature White & Rosé, Solids, Ribbing)

See You at Six - ImagesCollection Sp19
(Flower Garden, Blossom Twigs, Diagonals, Flowers in the Wind, Scribble Cloud, Watering Cans, Solids, Ribbing, Gabardine Lemon Curry)

See You at Six - ImagesCollection Su19
(Banana Palms, Chalk Stripes, Go Bananas, Gorillas, Squaries, Tropic Flowers, Solids, Ribbing, Gabardine Lemon Curry, Ginger Spice, B&W Diagonals Canvas, Habana Canvas)

See You at Six - ImagesCollection Au19
(Air Plant, Cosy House Plants, Forest Animals, Scratches, Three Lines, Wild Garlic, Solids, Ribbing, Cosy House Plants Rayon, Ferns & Flowers Rayon)

See You at Six - ImagesCollection Wi19
(Deer, Hares, Mountains, Pine Cones, Snow Dots, Solids, Ribbing, Wide Rib Corduroys, Bouquet Flowers & Three Lines Canvas, Three Peach Lines viscose, Leaves Viscose, Long Pile Knit, Pattren Hooks and Notchers)

See You at Six - ImagesCollection Sp20 (Replay)
(Adventure, Cosy House Plants, Flower Field, Flower Garden, Forest Animals, Ginkgo, Giraffe, Maple Seeds, Tropic Flowers, Solids, Ribbing, Flower Garden Gabardine Twill, Tropic Flowers Viscose Rayon

See You at Six - ImagesCollection Su20
(French Terries: Bars, Grid L, Summer Flowers Brown, Swan, Viscoses: Summer Flowers Yellow, Lake, Summer Night, Lycra: Summer Flowers Yellow, Grid L, Sponge: Balsam Green, Camel Brown, Goldfinch Yellow, Persimmon Orange, Bathing Suit Lining )

See You at Six - ImagesCollection Wi20
(French Terries: Carps, Clouds, Grid XL, Strikes, Winter Rose, Viscoses: Oriental Garden, Gilly Flowers, Cotton Canvas: Oriental Garden, Gilly Flowers, Winter Rose, Wide Rib Corduroy: Dusan Brown, Ponderosa Green )

See You at Six - ImagesCollection Sp21
(French Terries: Cherry Blossom Pale Pink, Diagonals Fenugreek Brown, Peonies Sea Salt White, Swipes Sagebrush Green, Zeppelins Canal Blue, Viscoses: Peonies Sea Salt White, Cotton Twills: Landscape Double Gauzes: Cherry Blossom Pale Pink, Swipes Sagebrush Green, Persimmon, Spice Route)

See You at Six - ImagesCollection Su21
(French Terries: Bloom Garden Café Crème, Oranges Primrose Pink, Palm Trees Pecan Brown, Parrots Tourmaline Blue, Thin Grid XL Fog Green, Wild Animals North Atlantic Blue, Viscoses: Flecks Amber Brown, Jungle Green Gables, Cotton Canvas: Thin Grid XL Green Gables, Jungle Green Gables, Double Gauzes: Thin Grid XL Popcorn Yellow)

See You at Six - ImagesCollection Au21
(French Terries: Birches - Chateau Gray, Fox - Mahogany Brown, Maple Leaves - Forest River,Scribbles - Autumn Leaf Brown, Thin Grid - XL - Tea Green, Viscoses: Basins - Burnt Sienna Red, Thin Grid - S - Forest River Cotton Canvas: Autumn Joy, Thin Grid - S - Forest River, Thin Grid - XL - Tea Green, Cotton Twill: Autumn Joy, Corduroys Wide Rib: Tea Green, Khaki, Forest River)

See You at Six - ImagesCollection Wi21
(French Terries: Dried Flowers - Blue Graphite, Faxes & Rainy Clouds Off-White, Hills - Mocha Bisque, Thin Grid S - Monument Gray, Verticals - Harvest Gold, Viscoses: Dried Flowers, Camomile, Glitch, Thin Grid S, Winter Wood, Cotton Canvas: Camomile, Thin Grid S, Winter Wood, Corduroys Fine Rib: Umber Brown, Turbulence Blue, Double Layered Dobby: Camomile)

See You at Six - ImagesCollection Sp22
(French Terries: Squirrel - Stormy Weather Blue, Forest Animals - Gray Aqua, Wellies - Citadel Blue, Summer Flowers - Peachskin Pink, Double Gauze: Peonies, Canvas: Habana, Bouquet Flowers, Viscose: Oriental Garden, Tropic Flowers, Summer Flowers)  

See You at Six - ImagesCollection Su22
(French Terries & Rib: Foliage Song - Amber Yellow, Plants - Glacier Gray, Trail - Aragon Brown, Treelife - Country Air Blue, Wild Roses - Duck Green, Black, Cotton Canvas: Foliage Song, Viscose: Foliage Song, Thin Grid S Harbor Green, Willow Leaves, Plants, Buttons)  

See You at Six - ImagesCollection Au22
(French Terries & Rib: Carousel Horse - Tiramisu Brown, Flower Wealth - Nocturne Purple, Hogweed, Laundry Days, Verticals 5N - Bridal Blush Beige, Mountain Rains - Ether Blue, Rosehip - Meerkat Brown,
Cotton Canvas: Flower Wealth - Nocturne Purple, Tiny Flowers - Black, Peonies - Almond Peach Gray,
Viscose: Flower Wealth - Nocturne Purple, Laundry Days - Bridal Blush Beige, Petal Wings - Evening Haze Purple, Tiny Flowers - Black,
Linen Viscose Blend: Hogweed - M - Bridal Blush Beige, Peonies - Almond Peach Gray, Verticals 5N - Bridal Blush Beige, Eden Green, Toadstool Purple)  

See You At Six - Images Collection Wi22 - With Adjusted Cherry Blossom Terry
See You At Six - Images Collection Wi22 - Only Adjusted Cherry Blossom Terry
(French Terries & Rib: Abstrarium - Lavender Blue, Cherry Blossom - North Atlantic Blue, Fish Study - Olive Drab, Punkfish - Brown Stone, Grill DR - Milieu Green,
Cotton Canvas: Abstrarium - Lavender Blue, Two Lines - Dark Olive Green, Florarium - Licorice Gray,
Viscose: Florarium - Licorice Gray, Parkside - Licorice Gray,
Linen Viscose Blend: Cherry Blossom - North Atlantic Blue, Double Grid - Black, Ensign Blue, Topaz Brown,
Corduroy Wide Rib: Licorice Gray)  

See You At Six - Images Collection Sp23
(French Terries & Rib: Villagers & Ornithology - Slightly Beige, Lines - NWMMN - Café Au Lait, Twittering Forest - Spring Lake Blue, Double Grid - Black,
Cotton Canvas: Villagers - Slightly Beige, Lines 2N - Bombay Brown,
Viscose: Twittering Forest - Spring Lake Blue, Blossom Mosaic - Black,
Linen Viscose Blend: Villagers - Natural, Ornithology - Slightly Beige, Lines 2N - Bombay Brown, Fiesta Red, Zephyr Pink)

See You At Six - Images Collection Su23
(French Terries & Rib: Ground Pineapple - Polar Night Blue, Lines - 2N - Mercury Green, Pattern Stripes - Autumnal Brown, Tigers - Seagrass Green,
Cotton Canvas: Ground Pineapple - Polar Night Blue, Horizontals MNW - Pearl Blush, Pattern Stripes - Autumnal Brown,
Viscose: Cuban Houses - Pearl Blush, Paint Strokes - White, Tropic Forest - Fenugreek Brown,
Linen Viscose Blend: Horizontals MNW - Pearl Blush, Lines 2N - Mercury Green, Yellow Balloon)

See You At Six - Images Collection Wi23
(French Terries & Rib: Fingerprints - Navoja Beige, Hedgehog - Beech Green, Hydrony - Pinstripe Gray, Verticals NNWW - India Ink, Season Greenings - Copper Brown, Flower Harvest - Black,
Cotton Canvas: Flower Harvest - Black, Hydrony - India Ink, Lines 2N - Raisin Purple, Magnolia - Espresso,
Viscose: Hydrony - India Ink, Magnolia - Espresso,
Linen Viscose Blend: Verticals NNWW - India Ink, Lines 2N - Raisin Purple, Season Greenings - Copper Brown, Natural Black, Lizard Green)

See You At Six - Images Collection Sp24
French Terries & Rib: Bauhaus Tonight - L - Off-White, Imagine All The Flowers - M, Sea Garden - L - Off-White, Shape the World - M - Off-White, Checkers - M - Off-White - Granite Green, Light Green Glass, Verticals NNMNN - Melon Punch, Zeus Needs Shade - M - Granite Green
Cotton Canvas: Checkers - M - Off-White - Granite Green, Sea Garden - L - Black, Verticals NNMNN - Melon Punch
EcoVero Viscose Satin: Sea Garden - L - Black, Green Pastures - M, Imagine All The Flowers - M
Linen Viscose Blend: Bauhaus Tonight - L - Off-White, Sea Garden - L - Off-White, Shaped Chaos - S - Off-White, Niagara Blue, Misted Yellow

See You At Six - Images Collection Su24
French Terries & Rib: Beach Rose - M - Cloud White, Checkers - M - Cloud White - Peach Parfait, Wild Flowers - L - Cloud White, Cameras - M - Light Misty Green, Leaf Shelter - M - Green Surf, Panda Party - M - Black, Sea Turtle - L - Peach Parfait
Cotton Canvas: Beach Rose - S - Cloud White, Checkers - M - Cloud White - Tea Rose, Wild Flowers - L - Cloud White
EcoVero Viscose Satin: Misty Mountains - L, Wild Flowers - L - Cloud White, Beach Rose - M - Cloud White
Linen Viscose Blend: Ink Strokes - L - Set Sail Blue, Leaf Shelter - M - Green Surf, Tea Rose, Set Sail Blue