Sewing Tape - Super Sticky

Part number: 03224.005
Shipment from: BE - Lommel
€2.30 incl tax per piece



Material: Polyester liner + Acrylic adhesive
Length: 10m 
Width: 5mm


This transparent, non-wash-away double-sided adhesive tape is specially developed as a sewing aid and is used in the professional textile and leather industry and is a great time winner.

Ideal as a sewing aid during the processing of bags and heavier fabrics, leather goods, etc. Also ideal for temporary fastening zippers and clothing requiring strong anchoring. This adhesive tape is flexible and easily follows curved shapes. It is also resistant to moisture and UV radiation.
Of course, you can use this adhesive tape for other DIY projects. It effortlessly combines irregular and regular surfaces.

Caution: Do not sew through large lengths of adhesive tape. This can make your needle sticky and it'll then sew less smoothly, with chance of breaking your thread. Always sew next to the adhesive tape.